About Us

Radio Isukuti is a vernacular radio station that broadcasts from Kakamega town.

As the region’s only radio station directly serving this community, and the most popular mass media vehicle, isukuti provides an established platform from which retailers and service companies can at minimal cost, bring products and services to the attention of the region’s urban, peri-urban and rural communities.

Isukuti FM’s footprint includes major town and urban centres in Kakamega, Vihiga counties and its environs.
For the information of your marketing departments Isukuti FM’s footprint embraces Luhya listeners plus listenership with one of the highest daily average community station listenership in the western province coverage Kakamega ,Vihiga counties.

Its a vernacular station. Comprising a culturally electric population ranging from community members to small representatives and farm dwellers, the region provides us with a listener LSM profile spanning from 4-10.
Considered a leader among community stations Isukuti FM is the only western local radio station.
We also on regular basis produce public service announcement for various government departments, to distribute to regional stations. A current long standing project is our production and syndication of educational programs.

To ensure balanced content over its 7 day 24-hour broadcast schedule Isukuti 101.7 FM engages in participative dialogue with community leaders and residents alike, provides a wide range of musical entertainment, a popular daily programs focusing on the family, health and women’s issues, youth participation forums, education, community health and cultural programs, local sports coverage and the opportunity for all to interact on-air with current issues affecting themselves, their families and communities towards development and growth.